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6 Foods to Never Store in a Fridge by Any Means


We treat fridges a safe haven for all our foods and drinks and as a matter of fact, not all foods can be stored in there. These specific items put in the fridge won’t harm you but could affect your palate and ruin the tastes. To prevent this from happening, keep these foods away from a fridge by all means.

  1. Oils

This isn’t a food ingredient per se, but still if you put them in a fridge, it renders them stodgy and butter spread like consistency. This happens mostly with olive and coconut oils which solidify as the temperature plummets and take longer to become liquid again. If you make this error just in case, microwave the oil to get an oily consistency. If you are considering to buy a fridge, visit https://www.meselectros.com/produit/refrigerateur-frigidaire-ffhn2750ts/

  1. Coffee

In its bean or ground form, coffee must never be stored in the fridge. As coffee is a great absorber of any smells around it, so when you keep it in a fridge, the coffee will suck away any smell in your fridge and will never go back in its original Arabica flavor. Another issue with the same is the change of temperature, as moisture runs off the coffee, it de saturates the flavor.

  1. Tomatoes

The biggest issue with preserving tomatoes in a fridge is that the cold temperature messes with its texture and makes the item mealy. You must have tasted a salad where the tomato tasted so musky and had ice crystals in it. It means that these tomatoes have been stored in cold storage for quite a while.

  1. Onions

Very much like tomatoes, onions also become musky or moldy when left in the fridge for quite a while. If the onion is cut, the layers dry up no matter how hard you try to wrap it tightly. Additionally, cut onions conquer the location with its smell where the wooden chopping board itself tastes like an onion after a while.

  1. Potatoes

The cold temperature of the fridge breaks down the starch present on the potatoes, hence keeping them in a fridge leaves a sweet or a gritty potato which never tastes good no matter how hard you try to make it tasteful.

  1. Bananas

No matter if you refrigerate bananas, only thing that matters is what kind of ripeness you prefer with the bananas as the cold temperature brings down the ripening. Hence, keeping a green banana will stay green for a longer time. If you have ripe bananas ready to be eaten, but not wanting to, you can put them in the fridge. The skin may darken, but the fruit inside will be perfect.

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